imaKumo on the Atlantic Ocean

Who is Clarisse ?

Well it's simple, Clarisse she's just like us but in prettier and more athletic. Indeed she share with us a lot of things like youth and the dynamism that come with it, high motivation, ambition, the desire to go around the world and the all with humility.

Her profile

Name: Clarisse Crémer
Age: 26 years old
Profession: Business woman
Code name of the mission : Clarisse sur l'Atlantique
The projet (a little bit crazy) : The Mini Transat 2017 : a Solo Atlantic Ocean Crossing on a sail boat of only 6.5 m
The boat : Pile Poil
Her partners: imaKumo of course... but also TBS, Corine de Farme or Michel et Augustin (Yum!)

"This mythical crossing, for many sailers, is as much for professionals than for amateurs. If Ellen Mac Arthur, Michel Desjoyeaux or Roland Jourdain made their beginnings there, many lovers like me take a shot at living the dream of a life-time during this racing." Clarisse Cremer

Congratulations to Clarisse who ended up 1st of the girls and 7th in her serie, she managed for a second solo courses to make 500 miles in 4 days 7 hours and 18 minutes during the Mini of May ! 

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