Asset & Configuration

ServiceNow Asset Management
ServiceNow Asset Management tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – as well as non‑IT assets – throughout their lifecycle.

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Life cycle
Most companies need to maintain an accurate inventory of their valuable assets like computers, phones, furniture and count them. The use of barcode or Q/R code asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one tenth the time and providing a more accurate count. Usage of Bar code and Q/R codes also simplifies tracking of the lifecycle of assets that may be deployed several time for different purposes. Integrating Q/R solution to ServiceNow is a way to save a lot of precious time.
Inventory management consists in overseeing the flow of unitary assets that come in and out of an inventory. This process involves controlling the transfer of units in order to prevent the inventory from becoming too high, or too low and put the operation of the company into jeopardy. ServiceNow supports inventory management in helping to manage and track location of assets and the transfer order workflow.
The ServiceNow Discovery application finds computers and other devices connected to an enterprise’s network. When Discovery finds a computer or device, it explores the device’s configuration, provisioning, and current status and updates the CMDB accordingly. On computer systems, Discovery also identifies the software that is running and any TCP connections between computer systems. Discovery creates all the relationships between computer systems (such as an application on one server that uses a database on another server).