User Experience


ServiceNow supports a lot of standard functionalities on smartphones and tablets, allowing mobile users to remotely access their ServiceNow instances to perform tasks. With the help of tailor-made interface for mobiles, ServiceNow can be accessed using a mobile web browser that looks similar to an actual app. Approving a change, handling a work order or submitting a request can be done with a simple tap on your phone.


Similar to Facebook and Amazon, ServiceNow UI is designed to be user friendly. The platform’s search and navigation features easily guides you to the desired information. Other features like quick data filtering, shortcuts, reports, personalised home pages, are some of the additional tools that will help each user to adapt the environment to his needs. ServiceNow ergonomics really helps you to focus on business.

Responsive Portal

A fancy user portal with your corporate logo and aligning with the organisation image highly contributes to the user perception. The portal is responsive to give a good interaction experience to the end users when accessed from any of the modern tablets and smartphones. Based on HTML 5, your ServiceNow portal becomes the single point of contact for all user interactions with your company’s support functions.